Hanging in the Hangar

Usually when I tell people that I have two jobs, they look at me like I am crazy. However, I've been able to manage my jobs perfectly with one another, and I am so grateful for this balance.

While I am working at the Hangar, I can do homework, which does include working on my MyLife blog. I get to see of lot of people enjoy themselves with all of the games we offer and mingle with my friends. The BEST part for me, of course, is only being within a few steps of The Galley. I don't know whether or not to be embarrassed that they know my usual order by heart and usually just prepare it when they see me get in line. I honestly cannot work a shift without getting a scoop of their delicious ice cream. 

This job is relatively-low demand, and I always try to stress the importance of busier students to not completely rule out the option for you to make some money simply because of your work load. For instance, as a STEM student, I do humbly consider myself to be one of those students with a more demanding work load, but I am able to still make money and compensate that by having two jobs that are relative-low demand, have flexible and late hours for me to work (also subject to personal preference), and allow me to still complete my homework while not losing focus on my job  making sure everything is going well at the Hangar. This is much different from the job at the bookstore that I had last year--it was a great place to work, but the weekly hours took a lot of time away from my studying, and I was absolutely forbidden from even bringing a textbook to read during my shift. That may be a great job for you, but I realized I had to make a big change going into my sophomore year. 

All in all, the Hangar has been an amazing experience for me working with some amazing people. i see myself staying here for the rest of my time at UD, and I even hope to eventually become a manager.

Below you will find a brief video that I took at work with one of my Coworkers.

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