Immersing Myself Outside of the Classroom

Usually, the first emotion that comes to mind when a professor tells you that you have to attend an outside event for class credit is dread. Most of the time I'm not really sure what to expect, and most people don't like being "forced" to take time out of their day to attend such events. But after today, I realize that it is not always the same story. 

Today I visited the Schuster Center to observe a performance by the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. I was assigned to attend in two of my CAP classes--Philosophy and Religion--and it was a very gracious and enlightening experience. They performed Michael Gandolfi's piece title The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, a reimagined musical piece that was written to reflect the sights seen at an actual garden in Scotland.

What I really appreciated here was UD's efforts to get more people outside of the classroom to truly think about and make connections with topics that we discuss in our classrooms but to also realize the interdisciplinary connections as well. Even though Philosophy and Religion classes may seem superficially different, they share a lot of common ground that can be elucidated through art, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the performance. Even in the even that some o

Even in the even that some of these things may not be mandatory, I definitely would recommend that everyone attends to not just experience life outside of the "UD Bubble", but to also take the time to think deeply about what you are learning in the classroom could be applied to real life. 

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