Waking Up With BATU

As I have mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I am currently a secretary for UD Organization called BATU, which stands for Black Action Through Unity. The mission of BATU is to unify the black community on campus with other communities while providing a safe haven for healthy discussion and a support system, raising awareness off issues affecting the community both locally and worldwide, and to continue to foster the progress of change for social equality. BATU's members are not all black, in fact we see a lot of support from every community represented on the University of Dayton Campus. 

BATU Week is one of the many facets of BATU that everyone knows and loves. This year, I decided to come up with something more that we could do to make BATU week even more appealing and applicable to the events happening around us. A friend and I came up with the acronym WAKE UP--willingness, activism, knowledge, empathy, unity, and peace. Each of these aspects were highlighted on 6 days of the week for BATU week, and we held a few events to accompany the discussion. For example, on Monday was our biweekly meeting, where we discussed what it truly means to have the willingness to create social change. On Thursday, our panel focused on on-campus unity while also incorporating ideas of empathy towards others and how that has a factor in social justice. Saturday was our Day in Dayton where we held our service event at local library that helped us to donate books to children, we went to the Paul Lawrence Dunbar house, an acclaimed black poet and activist, and we had dinner at a local soul food restaurant right here in Dayton called Marilyn's Grill. 

BATU is a great club to join no matter what your background is, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take part in the events this week. Its one of the many things that truly helps me to feel apart of a great community here at UD. There will be more in the future that I will be sure to keep you all posted with. 

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