About Jeremy

Nickname: Jem

Class Year: Senior - 2012

Major(s): Journalism with Minor in Political Science

Location on Campus: Marianist Hall

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

E-mail Address: jeremy@udayton.edu

A Few of My Favorite Things: my sound processors (external cochlear implants) and my HD camcorder.

Extracurricular Activities: Residence Life, friends

Interests and Hobbies: letterwriting, filming, Mars the Red Planet

Why UD?: I never picked UD in the first place. UD picked me.

Favorite Place to Go in Dayton: It used to be Wah Fu, which was a Chinese restaurant on Brown Street. Since Wah Fu is closed, I would say National Museum of the US Air Force!

Favorite Place to Study: Roesch Library and Artstreet!

Favorite Thing to Do When You're Not Studying: Hanging out with my Beta brothers.