Intro to Literature!

My Life: Jeremy


"This morning, I had a class on introduction to literature. I got involved in a classroom discussion about Shirley Jackson's ""The Lottery"" and Kurt ... More

Oversea Phone Call

My Life: Jeremy


"Today, I got a phone call from my mother, who is in the Philippines for vacation. She called me when I was studying in the Roesch Library on the fift... More

Ending the night with a bang!

My Life: Jeremy


"It was not weird, but rather ""college!"" I had a staff meeting around 8 PM. Then I went to my room to work on my assignments around 9:40 PM. Then I ... More

Making A Choice

My Life: Jeremy


A month ago, I made a choice to change my college life. I decided to change my major from premedicine to journalism. The time has come for me to a... More

Last Chance to Say Goodbye

My Life: Jeremy


"Last week, UD lost one of its members. He was a student. Out of respect for him and his family, I wish not to reveal his name. I do not know him pers... More

Back to College Life!

My Life: Jeremy


Today, after my last class, I went back to my room to get my used clothes to bring to the laundry room. I was lucky enough to find three washing machi... More

Sick Day!

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I woke up with a heavy sore throat. I was late to my 11 AM mass. I went ten minutes late because I am not going to risk missing a Sunday mass! ... More

Guess who came to UD?

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to see the presentation of Megan McArthur, one of the NASA's astronauts. She was one of the last people to upgrad... More

Happy New Year!

My Life: Jeremy


It has been a while since my last blog about being home for the Holidays. It was strange being home for the Holidays because I am not getting any youn... More

Home for the Holidays!

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I finally came home after two cancelled flights that caused me to stay in University of Dayton. I was at the Alumni Hall as a guest in the ... More

Final Days in UD!

My Life: Jeremy


Tonight, I'm washing my clothes. I am using five washing machines! I am waiting in my room, thinking about what I am going to spend my last day in Uni... More

Few More Days!

My Life: Jeremy


Four exams and two papers done. Two more to go. I turned in my leadership portfolio for my resident assistant method class. I completed my physics la... More

Last Day of School!

My Life: Jeremy


Today's the last day of school. No more classes. Now the study days and the exam week will start at midnight! I have a final exam today at 4 PM for t... More

From Here to Anywhere!

My Life: Jeremy


"Today, I was working on a class project with Heidi, one of my classmates for the ""introduction to liturgy for music ministers"" course. Yes, some o... More

12th Month!

My Life: Jeremy


"This is it. Last month of the year! I cannot believe it! December already? I am working on five-page long paper for my resident assistant method clas... More