First Class Mails!

My Life: Jeremy


First Class Mail Today, I did something old fashioned way. I sent four different mails to my family back home. One for my Mom. One for my Dad. One for... More

Tearful Moment of the Day (WEEK!)

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I had a surprise. My family sent me a care package. My family resides in Virginia Beach, hundreds of miles away from Dayton. When I checked my... More

I got whipped cream on my face! NO!

My Life: Jeremy


"Guess what happened today? I got pied in the face today. This is not the first time that I got pied in at UD. Last December, I got pied in the face ... More

Great Lecture!

My Life: Jeremy


Tonight, I listened to one of the best lecturers/speakers in the world, Father Norbert Burns. Who is Father Burns exactly? I will tell you who he is ... More

Late Night Laundry

My Life: Jeremy


Ahhh! Laundry! Yes, I'm doing laundry at midnight / early morning. I'm taking an advantage in doing my laundry on Tuesday midnight / Wednesday early ... More

Fun Night!

My Life: Jeremy


"Last night, I went to UD's Saturday night event, which is Karaoke night! This event was sponsored by the UD's Center for International Programs and A... More

Running out of quarters!

My Life: Jeremy


Yes, I'm running out of quarters. A gigantic set of quarters is important to college life. Of course, I need quarters to pay for my weekly laundry. Ye... More

I'm running out of time!

My Life: Jeremy


I feel like fall semester is going too fast. Today, I saw huge booth stand in the Central Mall, which is the UD term to describe a green field right n... More

Waking up in the morning and finding there's no place like home

My Life: Jeremy


Few years ago, I would usually wake up early in the morning for my high school. Now, I'm no longer in high school. I'm in college, which in many ways,... More

Needs of supplies!

My Life: Jeremy


I was working on my physics lab homework and all of sudden, my batteries in my calculator died. I was like whatttt? I just put in new set of batteries... More

Filling in for a friend

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I was supposed to have a fun night with some of my friends. I only came to find that they are busy tonight. I got a phone call from the front ... More

Summer Internship

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I had an online chat with several NASA officials and many other undergraduate students across the country. This is not your typical chat room. ... More

Fall BACK!

My Life: Jeremy


"For years, many people wonder if the time travel would be possible. It has been proven impossible many times. Why? Time travel was invented by scienc... More

Today's not even Halloween!

My Life: Jeremy


"Today's October 30. Halloween is really big in UD campus, especially on a weekend! I was walking to Kennedy Union, one of the buildings at UD. Then ... More


My Life: Jeremy


Today's beautiful day in Dayton. It was sunny and warm. Too bad I was not able to spend time outside, studying. Instead, I am at the library for the t... More