History 103

My Life: Jeremy


"Tonight, I studied for my first history exam with K-Mart, one of my classmates from History 103. History 103 is a UD name for History 101. We quizze... More

Wah Fu! ! !

My Life: Jeremy


" Last night, my friend Audrey came to see me. We went to Wah Fu, a Chinese restaurant down the Brown Street. Brown Street is a street right by the U... More

Eight Years

My Life: Jeremy


Few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my UD friend from Qatar. I asked him how he felt when that fateful day occurred. He told me that he wa... More

Thank You Sister Schmeling!

My Life: Jeremy


Last evening, Sister Schmeling held a thank you dinner for all students and faculty & staff members who were involved with this past summer's New ... More

One of many reasons to go to UD!

My Life: Jeremy


"""To please my family"" is what I said to my history professor, when he asked my classmates what is the reasons that we all are in history 103. I ha... More

Good Morning UD!

My Life: Jeremy


Today is the first day of classes. I woke up around 7 in the morning. I got dressed and went to the front desk to see if I have any message or if ther... More

Emails Already?

My Life: Jeremy


Last night, I got many emails from my professors and lab instructors. I was thinking what in the world is going on! Turned out that I have assignments... More

Classes are around the corner!

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I got an email from my history 103 professor. He informed many students to check out his teaching website and to read the syllabus. I real... More

A Familiar Community

My Life: Jeremy


There are no one else in the world that I am grateful for other than my own family members. Like many UD students, we are very fortunate to have our ... More

Second Time Around

My Life: Jeremy


Last Saturday, I arrived at Founders, one of the residence halls of UD! This time, not as a first year student, but a college sophomore! Founders is a... More

Less than a week! Yikes!

My Life: Jeremy


This incoming Saturday, I am going to fly back to Dayton to start living on campus. Many days ago, I left University of Dayton then fled home. I misse... More

Goodbye Facebook!

My Life: Jeremy


Yesterday, I decided to do the right thing. I decided to stop using Facebook, an online social network. I looked over the pros. I looked over the con... More

YES! ! ! Go Betas!

My Life: Jeremy


"Today is another happiest day in my fraternity chapter. Less than an hour ago, my fraternity colony, the Dayton Colony of Beta Theta Pi, got our char... More

Christmas & Chemistry II In July

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I'm celebrating Christmas in July with my families from Australia, Canada, and across USA. Today is not just good day for celebrating Christma... More

One small step for a man, one large Step for a college student

My Life: Jeremy


"On July 20, 1969, the world watched the very first delayed video transmissions from the Moon. Of course, my mother saw them along with her parents, m... More