Not another crazy email again

My Life: Jeremy


"Yesterday, one of my friends sent me an email full of pictures that claims to make you to say ""aw crap."" In the email, he told me to wait to the ve... More

loud music!

My Life: Jeremy


As some people know, I don't sleep with my sound processors during the night. My sound processors are what people would call the external parts of the... More

Travel Lightly

My Life: Jeremy


"I went to mass today with my mother. Today's readings were interesting. My priest relates the today's readings to today's real event: travel lightly!... More

Say What?

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I was chatting online with my UD friend and coworker, Mackenzie. She will also be another resident assistant from Marycrest, the same dorm buil... More

Comparing universities and home

My Life: Jeremy


"Today, my mother took me out to nearby all you can eat buffet. We were looking for Captain D but we could not find the place. My mom told me if I wou... More

Sending out video messages to my friends

My Life: Jeremy


Today, I decided to send several video transmissions to my close friends and my Big. I recorded one video through my laptop and I recorded other one ... More

Happy 4th of July!

My Life: Jeremy


I'm still proud to be an American! I have been watching some episodes of original series of the Twilight Zone on SciFi. I celebrated 4th of July with... More

better technology equals better quality

My Life: Jeremy


I got a HD camcorder for my birthday. It is my second camcorder after the classic Flip camcorder. I wanted to get a new camcorder because the classic... More

waking up from a nap

My Life: Jeremy


"I can't believe that I woke up from a long nap few hours ago. I had a headache earlier today. I did not want to take medicine for it. So I went off ... More

This can't be happening!

My Life: Jeremy


"I cannot believe that Michael Jackson died yesterday. Unbelievable! I am a fan of one of the music videos with Michael Jackson. Of course, its ""Thr... More

ehhh what of Transformers 2?

My Life: Jeremy


It is a great movie for any Transformers fans. But it is not a great movie for me. I had hard time following up what was going on in the film. I even... More

Transformers 2

My Life: Jeremy


I cannot believe it. I don't even want to see the movie since too much television and Internet commericals showing off pieces and bits from the Transf... More


My Life: Jeremy


Today is my last day of being a teenager. In few hours until midnight, I will be 20 years old! Few minutes ago, I helped out my mother putting the ic... More

Oh Uh, I'm turning 20 soon!

My Life: Jeremy


I cannot believe that I am turning 20 on Sunday! It is so awkward. Especially that I am one of the many UD students who will not celebrate birthdays ... More

Taking Summer Classes

My Life: Jeremy


Taking chemistry lab and lecture certainly keeps me busy this summer. My friends were surprised to find me that I dropped my chemistry lecture and la... More