Studying In A Noisy Enivornment While Being Quiet

My Life: Jeremy


I know that tonight is Saturday night. My floor is having multiple parties as usual on every weekend. I cannot do anything about it. I know they are ... More

There Was A Leak!

My Life: Jeremy


My floormates would have kicked my dorm door down to save my life. Only if there was a real fire in the building. What they did this morning around 2... More

My Brother Wrote Me A Letter

My Life: Jeremy


"This morning, I got a text message from my second oldest brother Julian saying that I am ""the man."" I send him a text reply of why he texted that t... More

Good Morning UD!

My Life: Jeremy


I came all the way to my 8 AM class, which is introduction to philosophy, in Humanities from Stuart. At the first five minutes in the class, my philos... More

When Technology Goes Bad

My Life: Jeremy


I cannot believe this is happening to me. Right now, I am trying so hard to make my external hard drive work. I got 500 GB external hard drive for Chr... More

Coming Back From A Frat Party!

My Life: Jeremy


"Yes, believe it or not, I just got back from an open house party, which is held by a fraternity. This fraternity is known as Beta Theta Pi. First of... More

freshman returns

My Life: Jeremy


Oh boy, I have not written any blogs since last month. I was busy experiencing my first time being home. I went home after four long months being on ... More

Rocky Start

My Life: Jeremy


Unbelievable. I wanted to know what my current grade for my chemistry lecture class is. After my morning exam, which is my calculus exam, I decided to... More

It's A Wonderful Movie

My Life: Jeremy


"Tonight, I watched the movie, ""It's A Wonderful Life,"" with two of my college buddies Mike and Luc. ""It's A Wonderful Life"" is the first full mo... More

My day ended with a twist!

My Life: Jeremy


"Tonight, my floor from Meyer Hall (all guys hall in Stuart Complex) and one of the floors from Adele Hall (all girls hall in Stuart Complex) were hav... More

Do Not Try This At Home, Oh Wait, It's College!

My Life: Jeremy


I just had one heck of a Thanksgiving weekend. I wouldn't call it a break, since I have assignments to do over the long Thanksgiving weekend. To me, t... More


My Life: Jeremy


Recently, University of Dayton received an anonymous donation of $10 million, which will be used to support student scholarships in the School of Educ... More

My First All Nighter

My Life: Jeremy


Last night, I decided to pull all nighter. Here I am, blogging about it at 3:50 in the morning. I'm just taking a break from my hectic assignments. T... More


My Life: Jeremy


"I just had one heck of a day. This morning, I got my chemistry exam back. I found that I got a D on my exam. I just couldn't believe this. Then later... More

being late to morning class from staying up late at night

My Life: Jeremy


This morning, I was late to my class. AGAIN. But it is not bad as you think. I'm just a minute or two late to my chemistry lecture at 9 AM. My chemis... More