Today is my last day of being a teenager. In few hours until midnight, I will be 20 years old!

Few minutes ago, I helped out my mother putting the icing on my strawberry rectanglar cake. It is not done yet. It will be completed by tomorrow morning after mass. We will design the cake that would look like an USS Kelvin uniform from the recent Star Trek movie. I wish I can show you guys a picture!

I am not having a party tomorrow. My friends are usually out of town and most of my UD friends are nowhere near me, since I live in Virginia Beach. I would be surprised to find other person who goes to University of Dayton. Virginia Beach is the biggest city in Virginia with population nearly over half a million.

You may be wondering why a beach boy goes to University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio in middle of the nowhere all the way from the shores of Virginia Beach. Why not? My study buddy comes from all the way from Kosovo, a country that gained independence last year. My friend comes from New Jersey. So why not? I go to University of Dayton for education and direction of where to go in life!

First thing first, I am going to celebrate my 20th birthday back home in Virginia Beach! Yep, I was born on the very first day of summer! Believe it or not!