"Yesterday was my big day!

I went through a lot of crazy stuff yesterday!

12:00 AM - I did a lot of things during this hour. I finished my philosophy reading. I took several clothes out of my closet to get ready for today's big event, which is my initiation! My clothes are black slack, dark blue long-sleeve collared shirt, and black vest. I never thought of joining a fraternity, so I never brought a full suit. I shaved off my rugged facial hair.

1:00 AM - I could not sleep! I was still up! I watched some miniseries Band of Brothers with Geoff, my RA. We had several conversations. I looked over the final edition of 757: Teens Cover the Code, which used to be a weekly teen section for my local newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot. I found it hard to believe that every journey has its end. Today, my journey as a ""pledge"" member came to an end. I was looking forward to get initiated into Beta Theta Pi today with my ten brothers.

2:00 AM - I checked my phone. I got text messages from my soon to be brother Marco, saying that I should join him and our brothers at KU for breakfast. I got tired, so I went off to bed!

3:00 AM - I counted several Zs.

4:00 AM - I counted more Zs.

5:00 AM - I counted much more Zs.

6:00 AM - Still sleeping like a baby!

7:00 AM - I woke up during this hour! I was so tired but I got up anyways to work on my assignments!

8:00 AM - I worked on my short English assignment on paraphrasing.

9:00 AM - I read and summarized several sources for my big English assignment. My big English assignment is to write about my future as an astronaut mission specialist with medical field.

10:00 AM - I got a phone call from my ""Big"" brother, Andrew. He wanted to make sure that I wake up. I slept for like five hours! Anyways, I took shower. I put on my formal clothes. Then I walked all the way down to Beta house in UD Ghetto!

11:00 AM - I went to Beta house and waited for my brothers and soon to be brothers. I saw many of my Beta brothers, Jason, prez Andrew, Joel, Matt, JP, Zack. Brian, another Brian,Cisco, Ben, Scott, Nigel, Colin, my big brother Andrew, Ryan, Darren, Tim, Scott, Tommy, Kevin, Chris, Eric, Dan, another Chris, Adam, Donny, John, Richard, and King. Seriously, I really do have an issue with listing my brothers names and I might have missed some! All of my ""pledge"" brothers were there: Will, Josh, Aakash, Joe, Kevin, Vince, Marco, John, Jose, and Jared. Of course, our Beta advisor, Father Tedesco, was there too. We all left, heading toward Oxford.

12:00 PM - We were still on the way to Oxford.

1:00 PM - We arrived at the Miami University at this hour. We saw Beta Theta Pi chapter house in Miami University. I was suprised because it is way bigger than the one that I have at UD. We visited and saw ""Old Main"" building, which happens to be a historic place for Beta Theta Pi. This building held the first meeting for the founding fathers of Beta Theta Pi, which is the first fraternity to be founded west of Allegheny Mountains. At the end of this hour, we headed up to Beta Theta Pi's Administration Office building. We looked around historic events inside the building. I noticed brothers and my advisor left the building to different nearby building. I only saw my pledge educator & Beta brother Joel and my ""pledge"" brothers. I realized that it is time to be initiated with my soon-to-be brothers.

2:00 PM - My ten ""pledge"" brothers and I went through the initiation of Beta Theta Pi at this hour. PERIOD! Like every single fraternity, I am swore to secrecy! Sorry, my readers, I wish I can tell you about my experiences at one of the important hours of my life.

3:00 PM - We left the Miami University campus after initiation. I am no longer a ""pledge"" brother! WOO!!!!

4:00 PM - My brothers, my new brothers and me went to Beta house to celebrate for my new brothers and me. We had pizzas, meatballs, vegetable sticks, gummi bears, chips. soda, and juice! Many of us had conversations. Some of us watched the basketball games. For me, I congradulated my new brothers and spoke with many of our brothers, including the alumni member of Beta Theta Pi, Ryan. It was really nice to meet Ryan once again. He told me that he saw my picture and my article in my colony's first magazine publication.

5:00 PM - My advisor, Father Tedesco, and I started cleaning the party at Beta house.

6:00 PM - I was the last person to leave the house after cleaning. I brought leftover pizzas and ice cream back to my floor. So I walked all teh way from Beta house to up the hill to Stuart Complex.

7:00 PM - I took a shower after a long day! I rested in my room for a bit.

8:00 PM - I checked my emails and my assignments to do.

9:00 PM - I spoke with my friend Shea for little bit. I was surprised to find that he would like to join my fraternity, since he said that he is bored and his classes are easy to him to get good grades. I went off to UD Ghetto to celebrate my Beta brother Jason for his 23rd birthday and also the new eleven members of Beta Theta Pi! Before I went off, my friend Luc asked me if I can give him some laundry detergent. I lend him some. So I went off to the party!

10:00 PM - I arrived at the party! I was surprised because I was too early. I saw two of my Beta brothers, Jason and Brian, and some of their friends. My other brother & alumni Ryan showed up few minutes later. It was not until thirty minutes until some of my Beta brothers (Chris, Matt, Phil, prez Andrew, Adam, Ben, Joel, Cory, Nigel, Colin, Tommy, Will, Josh, John, Joe, Vince, Kevin, Marco, Jose, Aakash, Jared, another Chris, my big brother Andrew) showed up. I decided to get fresh air with some of my new brothers. So we went out walking in the UD Ghetto and we had a hilarious blast.

11:00 PM - I was still walking with my new brothers, Aakash, John, and Jared. We saw our other brothers, another Brian and Zack. We went back to the same party. Then I got really tired. I mean 24 hours with 5 hours of sleep??? Come on! I went back home unannounced. I should have told my brothers where I was going, but I was too tired to talk to anybody. I walked all the way from UD Ghetto to the highest floor on campus.

That's 24 hours for me. "