7th Hour

Today is our lucky day! Well, I mean this morning is our lucky morning! As some of you may know, I have been attending a local elementary school with my fraternity brother, Thomas, to help out many students. Thomas has been reassigned to help out with Spanish starting this incoming Friday. I have been reassigned few weeks ago to help out with students on their literacy skills! This morning, my students made me laugh several times. Oh boy, they did darnest things and even said darnest things! At one time, I was tutoring four 2nd grade students. Four of them screamed out of sudden, pointing at something on the wall. I looked up and I found a small cockroach. I immediately took the little bug out of the way. Their teacher came to find out what is the ruckus. I told her that they were screaming about a bug and I was trying to tutor them how to write a paragraph. Other time, I was tutoring another four students. I noticed all of them write darn fast. I told them that it is not a race. They ignored me and four of them kept saying "first, second, third, fourTH!" They actually screamed at my ears! Yokes! Funny little kids! Hopefully, they can behave next time!