A banner of guess what?

After the morning prayer, I walked with my friend to her car. Guess what I saw on a banner hanging on a street light pole? Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop! Yesterday, I got an email, saying that my request to have a full scholarship to attend the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop got approved! I yelled in joy! I yelled because the entire campus is mostly deserted! I am so happy that I get to attend the workshop for the second time! Who is Erma Bombeck? What is the writers' workshop all about? Oh, if you ask me those questions then I can lead us into an hour long conversation! Mrs. Bombeck was an alumna of the University of Dayton. One of many famous alumni around the world. By famous, I don't mean celebrity-level famous. I mean like ordinary Dayton Flyers doing extraordinary things. You may notice that I typed down WAS. She passed away many years ago. It would have been a great privilege to meet her in person because we both are writers! Mrs. Bombeck was known for her humor in her wriitngs! That's pretty much I can tell you in my blog! The workshop was named after her! The workshop occurs every two years. Many writers and nonwriters around the country would try to get into the workshop! I am so honored to get to attend the workshop! I will make sure that every penny received in my scholarship is worth attending the workshop!