A Beautiful Baccalaureate Service

I went to the mass by myself. I walked across a bit of Dayton to get to the University of Dayton Arena, where the mass was held. As I waited in the first floor of the UD Arena, I couldn't help but to wonder what my family would say of me. What would they say of me? What would that see of me? What would they think of me? You know? I haven't seen my family since January. That is a long time. I haven't seen the rest of my extended family since last summer. Again, that is a long time. I waited and waited and waited. It wasn't until about thirty minutes, just moments before they started the mass, that my family has arrived in the arena. My family was already sitting many rows away from me. I was on the first floor, sitting on the first sets of seats. I kept waving at a mass of people in the audience, hoping my family would get me. Then I caught them with my eyes and proceeded to pull out my cell phone. I called my brother, letting him know that I am on the first floor. My mom walked down quickly as she could. I saw her walking up to me and I gave her the longest hug. And I tried to cry. I just couldn't. I guess I was overly prepared for this moment to see my mom and to graduate soo soon. My aunts, my uncles, my cousins came up to me and gave me hugs. Hundreds of people in the audience watched me and my family. We all proceeded to start the mass. The mass included blessing of all soon-to-be graduates. Oh wow! This is REAL!