A Familiar Community

There are no one else in the world that I am grateful for other than my own family members.

Like many UD students, we are very fortunate to have our families back homes all over the world supporting us all the way in University of Dayton and beyond.

Today, I cried. I cried because I love my family. I cannot believe that I wasted a summer of not spending much time with my family. My whole family worked so hard this summer so they can pay for my school, our house, and many others. They are still working.

I got into arguments with my brothers about going to University of Dayton. We argued because we are brothers. We argued because I am the baby brother. We argued because they chose to say something about my future. To be honest, University of Dayton is the only place I can go.

I cannot enlist in the military like my Father, who I am so much grateful for. My Father helped me to get cochlear implants. The military was very generous enough to pay for everything.

Obviously, we got big disagreements. He does not think I deserve to go to University of Dayton because the price is too high to pay. Again, military is on my list. I cannot enlist because I could be a liability to the military. I could put people at risk.

I could not ask for a wonderful parent: my dearest Mother. She has always been there for me from birth to now. She has been supportive countless times.

If fate did not take away my hearing at young age, I would have enlisted in the military to save my loving family a lot of troubles. But my whole life would have been different. I may not be blogging. I may not be at UD.

But here I am. Everything happens for a reason. Why am I still at UD? I am still connected with UD in many ways through academics and spirituality. And even community of welcoming individuals.

On Saturday, first year students will start moving in at UD. Most of them will have their families with them. Sooner or later, the first year students will experience typical college domino effect, which is also known as homesickness. Like many UD students, I will be there to help them to battle homesickness!

Of course, families are group of people that we love and care about. UD may not be a family, but rather a welcoming community of many individuals, which are not only students, but professors, UD workers, and many UD staff members.