A Family Car Ride

After the Cheesecake Factory dinner with my E-Team, we parted ways. Jake, my oldest brother, gave me and my two cousins a ride to our places all over the Dayton. My cousins have a hotel near the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I have an apartment back in University of Dayton campus. Jake has a hotel just up north in Dayton. So we were driving around, we were talking. I was obviously the quiet one. ALL BECAUSE I AM GRADUATING IN less than 10 hours! Jake and my cousins knew how exciting for me. Interesting that I use the term exciting. Ever since this past Monday, I was stunned emotionally. I am in emotional shock, couldn't believe that this is happening to me. I am leaving Dayton. I am leaving the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism. Oh wow, this must be very exciting! This is happening so fast! Thank you, God! And everyone else on Earth for making my life possible.