A Lunch With Best Buddy

Today, I had a lunch with my friend, Tim.

We had a really good conversation. We talked about our classes this morning. We laughed at our inside jokes.

Tim asked me why I did not talk to him in Virtual Orientation, UD virtual online network for first year students, before school started. I met most of my friends in real life through exchanging messages and getting to know each other in Virtual Orientation.

Apparently, Tim is not one of them. Along with some of my friends.

I made friends with Tim through the old fashioned way. No online contact. No technology.

When my floormates moved in on the first few days, my resident advisor held a first floor meeting for my floor. All floormates, including me and Tim, introduced themselves. I never thought that he would end up being my good friend. Our friendship did not quite start at that floor meeting.

Then one day, I went down the hill to get dinner. I saw Tim walking down the hill. We looked at each other as we know that we live on the same floor. I asked him where he is going. He told me that he is going to get dinner. What a coincidence. We were on the way to get same thing.

So I brought him with me to meet some people on the way. I introduced him to my two new friends, Julie and Annea, on the way to the parking lot, where New Student Orientation was giving first year students free dinners, across the campus from the top of the Stuart Hill.

Within first few days into college life, I introduced him to the rest of my new friends. At one point, after introducing so many people to Tim, he thanked me for introducing him to new friends. We managed to make friends on our own afterward. We are still friends, while we can be friends to others. Some of our friends asked me that me and Tim are really close. You can say that me and Tim are best friends.

Few days ago, before our lunch today, we were having lunch and having conversation with our friend, Jackie. Tim asked her if she knows about my dream of becoming an astronaut and going to Mars. She told him that she knows that. Tim said that he believes in me in achieving my dreams.

It is not often that you have friends that believe in you. One thing is for sure, Tim will be my friend for a very long time.