A Message from Old Friend!

My friend in Europe sent me this kind Facebook message: "Jem How is it going? Just recently I read a post of you and realized what your life's goal might be: getting to know every single person in this world. well, you got one friend in Germany already. Or are there many other people in Germany I dont know of you are friends with? How have you been Jem? I guess you are in your senior year now? What are your plans for after you graduate? Keep in touch, and greet Saltis and Luc and this guy they live with, with the awesome hairs, Jordan, from me. all the best from germany Johann" Yep. Johann is actually one of my best friends in the world. He is obviously one of my best European friends, next to wonderful Annea, whom all of you know as another UD student blogger from Kosovo! Getting to know every single person in our world? That is bit extreme, but I can do that! Many would tell you that I am a man of faith. That is true because I try to get to know everyone, even we all are so different from one another. It does not really matter about differences since we are all human beings and we deserve dignity and respect from one another! Johann is one of my best friends because he tries to know me well. Just like many of my friends!