An Act of Kindness

"I'm starting to feel better from my sore throat today. I was supposed to go to my English class today, but I had to miss it. It is a good thing that I spoke with my professor this morning letting him know that I might not make to English class. He told me that what my English class will be doing today. He also told me to ""stay away"" if I do not feel well. To be honest, I have been to many of my classes sick several times since I started college. Missing the only class session this year will not hurt since I rarely miss a single class.

I went to my calculus class this afternoon. I know, I know. I am not supposed to be there but who does not love calculus? Then I went off to my dorm to rest. On the way, I decided to get light lunch at Virginia W. Kettering cafeteria. After ordering my food to go, I waited in the line and saw the man in front of me looking upset since he is not able to buy his bowl of strawberries.

For the first time in college, I decided to act out of kindness. I told the cashier that I do not mind buying him that bowl, so he can have it. So I paid. I believe it was the right thing to do since it is not often that I act out of kindness. Few months ago, one guy brought me a banana, since having a banana went over my meal plan limit for breakfast. It was nice of him to do that. UD is full of kind people!