Anti-Racism 101

Tonight, I went to a forum relating racism led by a group of faculty members. The forum is entitled Anti-Racism 101. Just wow. I never thought racism would be an issue until many students and faculty members decided to have an open discussion about the issue. I came and I listened! The faculty members with different areas of sociological fields have different perspectives. They were not being mean or anything. They taught us that race should never be an issue for any of us. Some other people told us to look past race, gender, and many other social factors. When faculty members asked audience members to speak freely with questions, comments, or concerns. Many people did have good questions. comments, and concerns. I happened to be one of them I told many people there what I believe in. I actually stood up and spoke in front of them! If you saw me there, then you would have told me that I looked nervous! I told them that I do not believe that people should be judged based on the colors of their skins. I believe that people should be judged based on their characters and actions. Many people applauded for me.