Ash Wednesday

aI am so hungry! But I cannot eat due to Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent! Lent is a forty-day long period of penance, reflection, and fasting.

For most Catholics, Lent is a time where we give up something for forty days.

So I gave up Facebook, which is an online social network to keep in touch with friends, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, meat, and potatoes! I uninstalled AOL Messenger and MSN Messenger from my Tangent laptop. I put online parental restriction, denying me an access to Facebook. I will have to watch what I am eating.

Today, I went to mass for Ash Wednesday as part of my holy day obligation. Then I went off to my class, just few minutes late!

I will have more free time to myself and others. I am going to reflect what I can do to make things better. Recently, I decided to drop one of my courses since I am not doing well in that course. Lent and soon to be springtime and summertime will give me more chance on what I can do better. I cannot believe that spring break is few weeks away! After that, exam reviews then exam week! Yikes, my freshman year is coming to the end! At least, I will get back home to see my family at last!

At least, I did not give up blogging for MyLife at UD! Seriously, 40 days without blogging? I do not think so!