Before The Sun Went Down

"Happy St. Patrick Day! I went to my biology lab today then calculus lecture. Not a lot of people showed up at the calculus lecture! Come on, seriously? I would rather sit in a calculus lecture than to party during the daylight!

Anyways, I just got back from dinner with my fraternity ""big"" brother, Andrew. We went to Uno: Chicago Grill in downtown Dayton. It was really nice of him taking me off campus to talk about my last week as a ""pledge"" for Beta Theta Pi. We talked about many things. It was really nice for him to take me off campus. One of the things that we talked about is my future. I was suprised to find a painting of a space shuttle in the background, behind where Andrew was sitting, while we were talking. This could be a strange foreshadow that I am going to do something related to space and beyond!

Anyways, I cannot believe it! I am getting closer to initiation on Saturday! But first, I have to deal with my academics. Academics is number one reason why I have not been blogging for a while this month. Many things happened in a month. Did I mention that I got a job offer as a resident advisor? Yes, I did and I proudly accepted the offer! Did I mention that I am working on an English paper about my future as an astronaut mission specialist with medical field? I found a lot of interesting stuff! I was literally surprised to find a lot of medical stuff relating to astronaut mission specialist. The rest of the ""did I mention"" list go on.

Well, I have to go to study more!