being a college student

For me, being a college student is a good thing. But it comes with a certain price that I have to pay. I'm not talking about tuition and the rest of the college stuff. I'm talking about making sacrifices, while I am thriving in academics and having good times with my college friends.

Today, I have to make another sacrifice: being not able to be there for my mother for her birthday.

If you're close to your friends and families, it can be very hard for not being there for them on special occasions.

I talked to my mother few days ago, telling her that I wish to be home for her and her birthday. She was telling me that she went out shopping and eating with her friend. Her friend was treating her out for her birthday at KFC. My mother ordered the mashed potato bowl, which my mother told her friend that meal is my favorite, along with homemade steamed white rice. The bowl reminded her of me. I was so surprised that she still remembers my favorite KFC meal. There, over the phone, I wanted to cry so badly. But I just can't.

Remember that I can't get homesick and I can't cry? My mother is one of the reasons why I can't get homesick and cry. She taught me to be strong in spirit and to remember that my family will always be there for me.

As a college student, I know that I'm on my own. My college friends do come in handy. They're the ones to talk, to study with, and to have good times with.

Thinking about my college friends made me realize that I'm repeating history after my mother. My mother would tell me good old college stories about her friends and classes. She really enjoyed her college years.

So, it is my turn to enjoy college.