being late to morning class from staying up late at night

This morning, I was late to my class. AGAIN.

But it is not bad as you think. I'm just a minute or two late to my chemistry lecture at 9 AM. My chemistry professor was about to start teaching the class. I just walked in quickly and sat in the front of the huge class.

This week is really busy for me. I have papers to write. I have assignments to finish. My floor is having Thanksgiving dinner.

That's what college week is like for me. Being a minute or two late to class, going to classes, working on assignments, studying, and hanging out with people you know.

I would rather be late to class than skipping class.

Before heading down to my chemistry class today, I walked with my floor's resident advisor, Geoff. Turns out that he is also late to his 9 AM class too. He is a good reason why I am late to my class. We had a good conversation last night. We talked about our Thanksgiving dinner plan. Seriously, we have from 20-something to 30-something people to feed tomorrow night. It is a good thing that I have no classes after 1 PM tomorrow. So I'll be one of the few people to cook for my floor tomorrow

It is going to be a challenging week for me.