Being On My Own

"Yesterday was weird. I woke up at 10 o'clock in the Thursday morning. I did not miss any classes. It was just first day of fall break.

My roommate, Jared, and I decided to go to KU, another UD cafeteria, to eat breakfast. We walked down from Stuart Hill. We noticed that UD is nearly deserted with few people. Most of the people that we know went home. It was unusual to see a ""ghost town.""

Then, we arrived at KU. When we were having breakfast, we randomly discussed about that in million years, we never thought of going to UD. Here, we are.

We walked back all the way to the top of Stuart Hill to our dorm. I was so tired! Jared left afterward. Before he left, he told me that he can come back, this weekend, to get me to watch a movie. It was really nice of him, because I am glad that he is a good friend of mine.

I rested for few hours. Kyle, my floormate, came into my dorm to ask me if I want to have lunch. Finally, my friend saved my life. I thought I was going crazy with being alone on my floor. We headed to KU and had our lunch. We exchanged really good conversations. We went back to Stuart. It was my second time walking back and forth. This is the first time that I made two walking trip, since school started, where I normally make more than five walking trips to my classes, food, library, and friends.

I talked with my other floormates and friends online. Most of them said that it's awkward being home and not seeing their friends in college.

I know that I was supposed to rest more. But I can't resist a thought of academics. So I looked over all of my grades. So far, most classes are going good for me. But look like I am having troubles in chemistry lecture and biology lab. So I decided to think what I did and what I can do to improve. I looked back and realized that I study equally in all of my classes. Since other classes are easy, I should study less in those classes. I can study more on chemistry lecture and biology lab.

I know that my parents are not around to tell me what to do with my academics. I am an adult. I make decision for myself. I find ways to improve.

I know that my mother would tell me a story, when I was little boy, I used to get ready to go to preschool and my mother would wake up and find me prepared to go to school. She was really surprised that I was able to do things on my own, without her preparing me in the morning.

I know that my father would tell me to do well in academics. He would tell me to finish college, because he never got to finish college.

It was just weird, being on my own. But that's what college is about. Being on your own.

People would freak out whenever they have bad grades. To me, I would not worry about it, because I know that it is not end of the world. (Technically, It is tomorrow in Australia.) I have rest of the fall semester to try my best to make good grades.