Beta Alumni Picnic!

Today, I decided to drop by the cookout at my fraternity house to eat and talk with older alumni members of my fraternity. It was really nice meeting guys from the local areas. Many of them graduated from their respective chapters of Beta Theta Pi around midwestern area of the country. I had a pleasure of talking with one of the guys. His name is Bob and we had nice conversation about life from college to afterward. Of course, Bob has a lot of stories to share with me. He even told me the time he went to Virginia! Woohoo! Props to him for mentioning my home state! Then I also had a pleasure of meeting other alumni member. When I was talking to him, one of my Beta boys screamed out "he's in the magazine!" Seriously, Brian? Do you have to call me out like that? I am just not embarrassed for being in the magazine. I just want to live my college life like a typical senior! Of course, I had a great time eating and talking there!