better technology equals better quality

I got a HD camcorder for my birthday. It is my second camcorder after the classic Flip camcorder.

I wanted to get a new camcorder because the classic Flip camorder film with grainy video quality.

Today, I tested my HD camcorder. I filmed the clear sky and my house. I know its really boring but at least I got something to do for a summer day.

I uploaded my video clip of a clear sky and my house. It does not look bad in HD.

HD stands for high definition, meaning better quality.

But here is the bad catch. My Windows Movie Maker are old school on my laptop, I cannot upload my HD video clips to my Windows Movie Maker. I found out that there is a Movie Maker HD for Windows Vista. Turns out that I do not have it on my Tangent laptop because I got the Windows Vista Business as my operating system.

Movie Maker HD is only available in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate. I bought my Tangent laptop through UD.

It would cost like 200 bucks to upgrade my system but I wonder if there is a Microsoft download for Movie Maker HD. I did a research and online chat with support team, there is no such legal online download for Movie Maker HD. I refused to get other downloads because it is illegal and it is very dangerous. I'll never know if I have viruses on my computer.

It is likely that I will buy a HD movie maker from a store because it is better and safe for my laptop and my camcorder. It is likely that I will not get it since Adobe Premiere Pro (Only good HD movie maker I know) is $799. OUCH!

Look like I will be stuck with not making movies for a while!