Blast from the Past

On Wednesday, August 20, 2008, my first day of college classes surprised me. When I took my first day of classes, those classes brought back memories of early years in the Mathematics & Science Academy, which is a gifted program in my high school. (For your information, I'm not that Einstein smart!) Of course, my Wednesday classes for this semester include chemistry lecture, chemistry lab, calculus lecture, and biology lecture.

If you're high school student, make sure you do well in high school. By that, I mean try your best in academics. That?s what I did back in high school. And I realized that if I didn't try my best, I would not be prepared for college classes.

It is a good thing that college schedule is more flexible. I have four classes spread over my Wednesday schedule. I have chemistry lecture in the morning. I have calculus lecture and chemistry lab in the afternoon. And I have biology lecture in the evening. I get to hang out with my college friends over breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. I get to study in between classes. Even I get to do assignments ahead of time. Woo!

My first day of classes is one of the memories that I will remember four years from now, when I walk on that graduation stage and receive my college diploma.