Blessing of the Statue on Campus!

At 4 PM, there was a small gathering of professors, staff members, religious and lay Marianists, and other people. There was a small roof set up, which look like it can hold less than 50 people I believe. We had more than 50 people showed up. More than 75 people showed up! President Curran was there. Along with the provost, Dr. Saliba. Father Marty Solma, a provincial of the Society of Mary was there too. There were nice speeches given by President Curran, Dr. Saliba, Father Solma, Joan, UD director of Marianist strategies, and Ligia, one of my community members for the Anima Voce Community. As well as speech and prayer given by Father Fitz, who happens to be rector of this university. Father Solma thanked Dr. Curran and his family for generous gift to the world of Marianists. The family gift happens to be the new statue of the Father William Joseph Chaminade in the Central Mall. Father Solma gave a present to Dr. Curran and his family. Dr. Curran and his wife opened the wrapped gift from Father Solma and the Marianists. The gift happens to be a framed picture of an image that inspired the statue. Father Fitz made a nice speech and a prayer for Father Chaminade and the University of Dayton. Then he blessed the statue of Father Chaminade! Wow!