Brotherhood and Buffalo Wings!

Since my fraternity is having a Beta week to celebrate the last days for our pledge brothers before they get initiated on Saturday, we have series of brotherhood events to celebrate in positive matter! I know some people would ask me if Beta week is a bad week. That's a stereotype. That's not my fraternity. We would never do anything to harm to ourselves and our pledge brothers. We have spoken out against hazing since our founding fathers set our chapter on campus. I would say that Beta week is a good week, never a bad week! So this evening, some of my brothers and pledge brothers decided to eat out at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is right next to UD. All of us discussed about how exciting we are and how our days are going for us. We surely ate a lot of wings! I noticed some brothers ate boneless wings! I was jealous! But I ordered wings, so it is my fault for not knowing anything about boneless wings! Especially on a Tuesday. I think BW3's holds a special pricing on boneless wings on Tuesday! Yikes! We all had a great time eating and discussing and getting to know one other more!