Chasing the Chase!

I ran into Chase, one of my Beta brothers, as I saw him walking out near St. Joe. I screamed out his name and told him to let me to join him to wherever he is going. He told me that he's going to Tim's house. Tim happens to be a friend of mine as well! Me and Chase got into talking and walking down the sidewalk toward the student neighborhood for a few minutes. We talked about how each other is doing and how's college so far. I don't often get to see Chase except whenever there is a Beta event, such as chapter meeting or fun event, going on. Many people at UD like UD because you get to run into people you know literally in every corner of campus. If you compared UD to other universities, some other campuses have large student population and you are most likely to run into people you know in every other day. That's what I heard. Yikes! I am glad that I get to be picked by UD to come here!