Coming Back From A Frat Party!

"Yes, believe it or not, I just got back from an open house party, which is held by a fraternity. This fraternity is known as Beta Theta Pi.

First of all and personally, I would like to say it is the best fraternity I have met on campus. It is a great fraternity since I do not have to worry about getting into trouble.

That is an opposite of what I originally thought, before college. Beta Theta Pi changed my perspective because this fraternity does not have alcohol at this party. We all have seen fraternity in media.This fraternity offers 100% alcohol-free recruitment, which is surprise to me since I never heard of it in many fraternities.

From what I have heard among brothers and men of Beta Theta Pi, those extraordinary men strive for greatness in everything, including being servants to others, learning, spirituality, and the rest of the list go on.

I met most of the brothers who said that they originally never thought they would be in Beta Theta Pi fraternity. They are really nice people. I did not get to meet not only brothers, but also nonmembers and friends of Beta Theta Pi.

I met one of the leaders of Beta Theta Pi. He overheard me talking to one of the brothers about me being medically deaf and being able to hear with cochlear implants. Turned out that he has a brother who also happens to be deaf and have a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. We had a great conservation, even it was very long, but we enjoyed talking to each other. After our long conversation, he said that I remind him of his brother. I said the opposite because I told him that he reminds me of my brothers, who all of them know what it is like to be raised with a deaf brother.

I met a guy, who recently won a Beta Theta Pi scholarship. I spoke to him and I did not realize that speaking to him would lead to a great conversation. I told him about my hearing. He told me about the movie, ""Sound and Fury,"" and his familiarity with American Sign Language, a language that I know by my heart and use for many years.

The party was extraordinary! I met many extraordinary men, who are members and nonmembers of Beta Theta Pi. I know that I cannot stop typing in ""extraordinary.""

I left the party, knowing that I will go to the next Beta Theta Pi event. Yep, I want to see more about this Beta Theta Pi and I am considering joining Beta Theta Pi!