Comparing universities and home

"Today, my mother took me out to nearby all you can eat buffet. We were looking for Captain D but we could not find the place. My mom told me if I would like to go to Uno Chicago Grill or all you can eat Chinese buffet. I have been to Uno Chicago Grill so many times for ""fish and chips."" ""Fish and chips"" is the reason of why me and my mother would like to eat at Captain D.

The buffet kind of reminds me of my first year where I sometimes order Chinese takeout with my various friends.

Two food dishes that are popular at UD are pizza deliveries and Chinese takeouts. A lot of UD students enjoy having a pizza or eating a Chinese dish or even both throughout the year.

I had conversation with my mother about her college days. My mother got her Bachelor's degree in Nursing at Philippine Women's University. Prior to her getting that degree, she went to college where she got a diploma for GN. And this was where she went to that crazy dormitory. I asked what dorm life was like and what cafeteria was like. Turns out that she did not have her own dorm room. She told me that there is a big room with beds lined up in columns and rows.

There in college, she found her BFF, my aunt, who now lives in Maimi, Florida. My mother's BFF is now my second brother's godmother.

Many years ago, even wayy before I was born, University of Dayton used to have dorm buildings, where there are floors without walls. Each gender shared the same big room. Beds were usually in columns and rooms and student's clothes are usually under the beds.

My mother told me that her university's cafeteria food was horrible. UD cafeterias surely know how to make good foods but it is nowhere like home.

I have a month and several days left before I go back to beautiful University of Dayton for my RA leadership institute and New Student Orientation 2009. "