Craving for Chinese food!

We decided to order Chinese food since we have been craving for Chinese food for a while. Chinese food is one of many food craved by many UD students. I know Chinese food isn't healthy, but it is okay to eat the food once in a while. Pizzas are also popular. Again, Pizzas are unhealthy as well! Yokes! Anyways, while me and Mike were having Chinese dinner, we also have ongoing discussion about how our college days are going and what are my plans for the future. I said my because Mike is not graduating in May. Mike will be taking another year since he got his new major as history, adding to his previous major political science. So he is double majoring in both! I told him that I will be fine even I don't have jobs lined or even applying for jobs. I just want to go home and start from there. I know that it is sad that I am leaving. But hey, graduation is a great way to end my college journey at the University of Dayton and even start a better chapter in my life. So I look forward to a new beginning! Other things we talked about is articles popping up all over the media and politics! Just hot dang that I am going to miss having dinner and discussion with my great friend Mike.