Crossing the River!

Eleven months ago, ladies and gentlemen, I made a commitment to the Marianist Charisma with 11 other UD students, becoming lay Marianists. All 12 of us made a community among the Marianist lay communities around the world. Our community is called the Anima Voce Community. You can say that Anima Voce is a Latin for "With the Voice of the Soul." Each of us have a personal commitment of how each of us live a year in his/her life as a lay Marianist. Many of you know that I chose to have in-person dialogues and a letter-writing project, all in the glory of God! Because of the increasing usage of techonology, people seem to be gearing away from having in-person conversations and handwriting letters. So why not, me just talk to people in person and write people letters by hand. So today, I handwrote a 336th letter! Exactly 30 more days until my last day, April 30, 2012! 367 is what I decided/committed to. 367 includes the leap day and the end day!