Do Not Give Up Not For A Single Second!

"To be honest, no one is perfect. Not even me. I could not believe that in two months I will be no longer a first-year student. In my first semester, I did well with academics. Then in my winter semester, academics got harder because I am moving on. There were times where I wanted to give up and to go home in Virginia Beach. But I often assured myself that it is not end of the world and I do not often get what I wanted, like good grades.

In the beginning of the school year, I planned that I will try to get really good grades for my first semester. I did not get really good grades, but decent grades with a lot of work.

As I get closer to the end of winter/spring semester, I will do everything to set things right. It is all because I cannot go back and I made several terrible mistakes. I have to deal with them by learning my mistakes. I have to keep forward.

I was surprised yesterday when I told the assistant director of Learning Teaching Center that study group does not work for me, she told me that even that does not work, let her know personally so she can help me with different ways for me to be very successful in my classes. I should have known this from the beginning of the school year.

Earlier this week, I remembered last year when I got frustrated at my brothers for continuously teasing me that I will go to local community college. I went away somewhere with my mother then came back to the house. Before we got out of the car to go into the house, she spoke to me, telling me not to be mad at them for teasing me. They teased me because they wanted me to stay home, instead of hundreds of miles away from home. I told her why they just say it instead of teasing me. She told me that they cannot do that because they love me so much. I literally cried. She told me if I know what I am really doing for going to University of Dayton. She told me that I am doing ""a leap of faith.""

She knew that I will go to UD with nothing but faith. And also family back home, who will continuously support me all the way in life. To me back then, UD was a place of unknown. Now, UD is my new home for four years.

I know that every journey will eventually come to an end. My journey at UD is still a beginning. It is not end of the world.