Do Not Try This At Home, Oh Wait, It's College!

I just had one heck of a Thanksgiving weekend. I wouldn't call it a break, since I have assignments to do over the long Thanksgiving weekend. To me, there's no such thing as breaks during a college semester. Believe it or not, I am still working on my assignments since I started my Thanksgiving weekend last Tuesday.

Last week, I went to my relatives' house, got to see my mom, and spend Thanksgiving dinner with them. Then I decided to come back to UD on a Black Friday, since I'm no fan of shopping and I miss UD already. Other reason that I came back to UD is that because of my friend and floormate Luc. He's really nice dude and I can't stand seeing him being alone on my dorm floor for the rest of the weekend.

I know that before my mother came, I haven't seen her in three long months. I spend my time with her just for two days at my relatives' house. She came all the way from Virginia Beach to see me and to spend Thanksgiving with me and my relatives. I had to cut my Thanksgiving weekend with her short since I have many things to do. But I am very happy that I got to see her.

I can't wait for my long winter break, where I don't have to worry about my assignments. I will finally come home in 19 days. At last, I will get to see my whole family.

Now, I have to get back to assignments. Unbelievable. Well, that's college life for me. Later!