Do not worry too much!

"""You worry too much"" is the sentence that I kept hearing from everybody, including my friends on campus and even my mother from home.

It is not a bad thing to hear about yourself. I am actually doing well in my classes. I have improved in my biology. I am working with some of my professors to bring up my grades. I am working on my academic assessment with Learning Teaching Center to find out how I can do better in my classes.

I just keep having stresses and I usually do nothing to calm myself. With only less than two months away from ending my first year of college, I am having mixed feelings. I cannot believe that I am only a freshman. Hopefully, I will leave my first year with knowledge of what to do better next time and how I can be successful. One thing is for sure, I will start using Learning Teaching Center as my support in my future classes. Especially that I am a premedicine major, I am not quite looking forward to my organic chemistry courses.

It is too late to change my major. Even I never thought of changing my major. As a premedicine major, I was given options. I could have changed my major only in first week of college. So it?s too late for that. Another option is that I can change my major if my academic advisor strongly recommends me to by end of my sophomore year to see if I can keep doing well in my classes. Hopefully, I will be still a premedicine major all the way in four years at UD.