Don't Forget Seven Years Ago

"Tonight, I went to 9/11 Candle Lit Vigil in Humanities Plaza in UD. I went there early, so I can have a quiet moment to pay my respect for those who lost their lives and for those who lost their loved ones. The vigil began with several speakers, talking about that unforgotten day. Everyone got their candle lit.


I looked back and remembered what happened when I was young boy, being exposed to the true meaning of terrorism. When our country was under attack, I thought who would do such horrible thing?

Before that day, I knew nothing about terrorism. I was in shock. My family usually prays the Rosary every night because we are Roman Catholics. So that night after watching news coverage of that fateful day, we prayed for those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. I felt strongly sorry for them. I'l never forget what we saw on the TV that day.


When the vigil was over, for some reason, I couldn't blow the candle. I saw everyone leaving after the vigil. I sat quietly.

My friend, Kate, sat next to me, waiting for me to leave. I just couldn't leave. I couldn't let go of that day.

I told her, ""so many lives were lost.""

Before I blew the candle, I said ""for the people.""

Pray for those people who are affected and those families and friends who lost their loved ones in September 11.