ehhh what of Transformers 2?

It is a great movie for any Transformers fans.

But it is not a great movie for me. I had hard time following up what was going on in the film. I even had hard time following up the names of new faces and transformers.

In the first movie, Transformers 1 talks about a teenage boy getting a car, which leads the boy and the car into massive actions.

In the second movie, Transformers 2 did the similar theme, it is about a first year student going to college, leaving his family, his girlfriend, and his car at home. Then crazy massive actions go after them.

Michael Bay serious did a great job. I had no doubts about him directing Transformers 2. I remember the first time I saw his movie Armageddon, I was only nine years-old, begging my mother to take me to see the movie with space shuttles.

Why I do not like about Transformers 2? Too much actions going on at one movie showing! I still want to know who is that big robot destorying the buildings and roads of Shanghai in the beginning of the movie. I never get the chance to know that robot.

I'll watch it again to understand the movie!