Eight Years

Few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my UD friend from Qatar. I asked him how he felt when that fateful day occurred. He told me that he was hoping that the people who were responsible are not Muslims. The media did announce that the hijackers are Muslims. He was very upset by the fact that the monsters used Islam in a very bad way. He told me that Islam does not allow violence and murder. He told me that every human being is very important.

Eight years ago, I would never think that I would meet a person, who happens to be a Muslim, from other side of the world.

Here I am at UD. I have made friends from all over the world. All of my friends came to UD with many differences like how each of them was raised by his/her family, religious belief, culture, etc.

Eight years ago, our country was under attack. Few days after, my teacher started to speak out against the people in the Middle East. What she was not aware is that not all Muslims are monsters. There are so many Muslims who are very good people, like my friend from Qatar.

Having said that, I will never forget the images I saw on the television that day. So many people. Those were good humble innocent people. Then after that day, the war on terror was declared. More Americans died.

So today, I dressed up to show my respect for all of the citizens, firefighters, and soldiers who lost their lives.