Fall Break

Today, I went to the Crest, one of UD cafetrias, to have lunch with three of my floormates - Nick, Alex, and Kevin. They are not only just floormates, but they are also good friends of mine. We talked and laughed about many things.

When lunch was over, we all left the Crest and split two ways. Three of them were going back to Stuart to get ready to go home for the fall break. I was going different direction to my calculus class in the Science Center. Before we split, they all said goodbye to me. They said they will miss me. So I gave each of them a hug.

That was awkard. I have been here in UD for nine weeks.

Eight weeks ago, I met my entire floormates. They were complete strangers to me. Most of them ended up being my good friends. Most of them even chose me to be one of my floor's two community assistants to our residential assistant/advisor.

This fall break is going to be a long weekend. Of course, I am going to miss my friends, who are going home this four-days weekend.