Family Lunch! Sort of!

This late morning, I decided to have a lunch with two of my Beta brothers, Miles and Thomas. If some of you can remember, Miles is my little brother in my fraternity. And Thomas is Miles' little brother. So that makes Thomas my grandlittle brother. Thomas is the same Beta brother that I go with on Monday and Friday at a local elementary school for tutoring service. We had a lot of fun in thirty minutes eating our food and talking. We talked about our classes, our presentations for our classes, what we have been doing, how our lives are doing, and so forth. Miles and Thomas made several inside jokes about me. I failed to strike them back. Miles complained to me that I worked out too hard yesterday by going on a elliptical machine for two hours nonstop. That's not true! I went on one hour then I took a break! Then I went on another hour. Thomas asked me if I am ready for tomorrow morning service at the local school. I told him I am always ready! Even it is so early in the morning! Oh, those guys crack me up.