fast and furious

Alex came to see me tonight. We went to Tank's, a local bar & grill that serves awesome food. I haven't seen Alex in the past few days since she was in Washington D.C. for half-marathon. She did it! She ran 13 something miles! I'm proud of her! Even she got some serious nerves to come and visit me! But that's what friendship is about. One friend is willingly to go as far as visiting me while your legs are sore from running more than 13 miles. So we sat down and discussed. Here is a news flash for y'all. We rarely use our voices to talk. We use our hands to communicate in American Sign Language, an awesome language used by many people. This was my first time, seeing Alex signing so fast, so fast and confusing that my four eyes hurt! Yep, I wear glasses! She got really exciting things and events to share with me during her time in Washington D.C. I had to calm her down several times to follow what she signed.