Final Movement!

This evening, I decided to redo my room! First thing I did was to vacuum the entire floor of my room. SO I rented out a vacuum from my front desk of the building. I cleaned the dirty floor! Second thing I did was to reorganize school supplies. I checked too many materials in my room. I decided to donate several books I had and donate some school supplies for next year's first-year student. I still have the box of school supplies, I just need to find someone who would eventually give to someone else when I am gone next year. Third thing I did was to rearrange my furniture around. All of my bed and desks and table were switched across the room. So my bed and my desk on the left when I usually come in my room are now on the right. So meaning the table on the right is where the bed is used to be! Forth thing I did was to clean the bathroom. Enough said, I literally cleaned the whole bathroom! Fifth thing I did was to R E L A X! Relax, I did at the end! Woohoo! I can't believe that I am leaving! Nooooo!