Final outline for American Presidency class!

Look like I am having a great difficulty planning out an outline! I think it is because the overall paper is my last paper assignment for the semester. Right before take home exam. I recently read a recent copy of the UD Magazine. In there, I read about tips offered by UD Alumni to Carly, one of my friends, about how to use last weeks wisely. Carly, like me, is a senior. Many last-semester UD students are having hard time on how to spend our last weeks. Turns out that one of the tips is about delaying turning in papers. I thought to myself: NO WAY! I am not going to miss several points in my semester GPA to be in another semester of Dean's List! Anyways, I am surfing through the UD library archives, trying to find good sources for my paper! I only need to work on my draft, which is an outline. Not a paper, thank God! I had a great weekend and I can't imagine working on my paper and I might've missed my formal with my beautiful date!