Final Week of School before Week of Exams!

This is it. For the next five days, things will be crazy for me because I will study for my exams. This week will be the last school week of the year, before a week of exams. I could not believe this morning when I found out that my philosophy class will have final exam on Saturday late morning.

A lot has changed for me. Outside of academics, I learned so many things. My mother warned me that I will start getting the glimpse of reality during my four years of college. I thought that I have to be ready for all the obstacles standing on my path to success. To be honest, I was never ready for my first year of college. Even I thought that I was prepared, I learned that I have to embark on another chapter of difficulties in my life.

Many of my friends are not even prepared for college. We all learned. Some changed majors. Some faced hardships.

To me, being away from home and living on my own in college are parts of transitition to the real world. I will come to terms with myself that I am not the same person I graduated from high school when I graduate from University of Dayton. So much has changed for me. More changes will come to me in the next three years.