freshman returns

Oh boy, I have not written any blogs since last month. I was busy experiencing my first time being home.

I went home after four long months being on campus. I flew back to Virginia. It was so weird arriving home in Virginia Beach. The first thing that I was thinking when I was home for the first hour is that I want to go back to UD. I knew that it is impossible, considering the fact that UD is closed for the winter break. Next thing I knew is that I am on the last connecting flight back to Dayton with several other familiar Dayton Flyers on aboard. My winter break occurred in a blink of my eyes, meaning that the time of two weeks vacation went by quickly. The last day before I leave for school, I took back my thoughts and said that I want to stay home.

Being home for the first time is very awkward. I felt like that it is my fault that I decided to leave Virginia Beach. I missed my mother's birthday in September, my father's birthday in October, then Julian (my second oldest brother)'s birthday in November. And rest of the list goes on. I know that I have to grow up and to move on. I cannot stay home forever. My mother told me one more life lesson: I cannot be frustrated or blamed for what I am not responsible for. Many things have changed in my home.

Overall, I did enjoy my break with my wonderful mother, my awesome brothers, and my good ol' father. I got to see my best friend, Will, and some of my friends, back home.

I should be one of the many lucky ones because not a lot of people can go to college. For that, I am very grateful, even I do not like the fact that many people in the world will not be able to go to college and beyond. And also, I do not like the fact that I have to leave my family and friends.

Once again, I have to make hard sacrifices. But I can always return to those who love and know me, but my life will not be the same before college.