Getting Paintballed and HURT!

I just got back from paintballing! I got to tell you. It hurts so bad! It still hurts so so so bad! I got hit in multiple spots all over me! I got hit in the back of my head! I can still see the paintball mark on my black hat. I got hit in the chest several times. What were people thinking? I already got hit and I often put my hands up, showing that I'm out of each game. Yet, people kept hitting me with paintballs! I may be hit. Many of you may be wondering if I have bruises. Oh no! Not even bruises since they are usually brown, black, or whatever color there is. I got red bruises! Seriously! Ahh! I hope my mother does not give me a phone call! haha. I went with several of my Beta brothers and other UD students. This event was open to whoever at UD signed up. There was limited number of student since we rented out a bus! Yep, an old-fashioned school bus! I am fine overall! And I should be good to go for the formal tonight! Woohoo!