Getting Ready for Oxford!

So I woke up early right before my alarm clock is supposed to wake me up at 6:55 AM. Why did I set my alarm clock to that time? My fraternity is going to Oxford to initiate our six great pledges into our brotherhood! So most of the brothers going wanted to leave at 8:30 AM. Say what? You may ask yourself. I know 8:30 AM is far from 6:55 AM. I tend to be lazy on Saturday mornings and I just want to go back to bed. But this morning is no ordinary Saturday morning. This is my last Saturday morning to get involved with my fraternity's initiation of new members before I graduate. T E A R S! I know! I am crying within my heart! So I shaved, getting rid of all of my smallest facial hair. So I took a shower, getting rid of all of my terrible Friday smell! Okay, maybe not that bad! And I suited up with new pair of Church shoes, black slack, pink long-sleeve shirt, black sports jacket, and black tie.